Harvey Nash-CIO survey

The 2014 CIO Survey is the largest survey we have ever undertaken
in almost two decades of researching the market. With more than
3,200 CIOs and technology leaders taking part globally, it is one of
the largest studies of its kind ever produced – and I am grateful to
everyone who contributed to making this happen.
We are seeing a new spirit of optimism amongst CIOs. Growing
budgets, a shift from cost saving to investment, innovation a key
objective, digital transformation and an increasingly strategic role
for many CIOs all point to a positive sense of expectation about
new opportunities that lie ahead.
This year I am delighted to welcome Dr Jonathan Mitchell,
recently appointed Chairman of Harvey Nash’s Global CIO
Practice and former CIO of Rolls-Royce, to the CIO Survey team.
Jonathan’s advice and insights have helped shape and improve
this year’s report and his Executive Summary on page 6 makes
compelling reading.
I do hope you are able to find the 2014 Harvey Nash CIO Survey
a valuable resource in your career and business planning.
As always, I and the Harvey Nash team are here to support
you, in facing the challenges presented by the market and also
in taking advantage of the many opportunities for technology
leaders during 2014 and beyond.
Read the report at: Harvey Nash-CIO survey

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