Top 10 datacentre stories of 2014

In 2014’s datacentre market, trends of social, cloud, analytics and big data have influenced datacentre architectural decisions.

The year saw the rigid rules of datacentre best practices rewritten as more servers were deployed in a fully virtualised environment.
Should an organisation build a private cloud? Should it deploy on the public cloud or develop a hybrid service based on on-premise computing supplemented by the public cloud?

A fully virtualised datacentre may be some way off, but there has been a definite shift towards DevOps to support continuous software delivery.

Technology that supports the scale of Amazon Web Services and Google has become more mainstream, driving interest in web-scale computing, while chipmakers have looked at new architectures to define the makeup of future datacentres.

It has been a year for legacy, with organisations battling with their Windows Server 2003 upgrades as the end-of-support deadline looms. Meanwhile, we also looked at whether there is room for the mainframe in a world dominated by cloud computing.

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 datacentre stories of the year.

Read more at: CW-Top 10 datacentre stories of 2014



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