Encouraging an Agile mind-set

Transforming your organizational practices to Agile involves more than just changing your methodology.

Generally, organizations think about implementing Agile development after acknowledging a need for change. These organizations see Agile as a way out of a cycle of projects continually behind schedule, over budget and lacking high standards of quality. They expect it to be the quick fix they desperately need. It could be just that, but only for organizations that really understand what Agile is and what an Agile mind-set means.
Some organizations experiment with various Agile approaches, usually starting with Scrum or kanban. Some more adventurous organization may try Extreme Programming or Lean software development. Sometimes organizations succeed in implementing an iterative approach with some Agile principles sometimes known as Scrum but. Unfortunately, Agile initiatives sometimes fail and the usual reason for failure is a lack of understanding of the nature of Agile principles.

To understand the nature of Agile, we look to the Agile Manifesto and the 12 principles on which the Agile Manifesto is based. The Agile Manifesto describes the values of Agile software development, and the 12 principles describe how software is developed according to those values. Since Agile is based on values, we can accurately conclude that it is more than a framework or a set of methodologies for software development. The signers of the manifesto described a more fundamental change in the way the industry looks at software development.


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One thought on “Encouraging an Agile mind-set

  1. Joshua Partogi January 11, 2015 / 6:03 am

    Agree that Agile is more about a mindset and methodology. It often takes time for people to understand this.

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