Relishing a successful cloud project’s secret sauce

Cloud admins can learn just as much from success as they can from failure. Studying what went right in a cloud project ensures the next try goes smoothly.

It’s easy for planners to become obsessed with failure. But what if your cloud project is an unexpected hit? While it’s important to understand why a cloud project fails, it’s just as important to understand what made it successful so you can replicate that in future projects.
Nearly 50% of early cloud adopters did not properly examine cloud project failures, a 2014 CIMI Corp. survey showed. What’s more surprising, almost 75% didn’t analyze successes. If an organization fails to analyze success, other projects suffer and technical challenges arise.

Cloud consumers often build a fudge factor into schedules and budgets, and ignore other projects with tighter constraints. Review successful cloud projects for unexpected savings or shortcuts in the schedule, and modify similar proposals to ensure they receive fair consideration.

Read more at: TechTarget-Relishing a successful cloud project’s secret sauce by Tom Nolle


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