CES 2015: Five big 3D printing trends to shape the year ahead

CES 2015 launched its first 3D printing pavilion and TechRepublic’s Lyndsey Gilpin scoured it for the latest developments. Here are the five big trends she found.

When it comes to 3D printing, the theme of 2015 is simple: make it useful. The last couple years has been exciting for fans of the technology and people in the industry, as it has developed so rapidly it has been hard to keep up with.

Problem with it was, businesses and consumers still had little reason to invest in 3D printers. Desktop printers are still novelties, mostly used to make silly toys and gadget accessories. Food printers are fascinating, but they’re still like something out of Star Trek, is still a distant dream from being in every kitchen. Bioprinters are amazing feats of technology, but having them in hospitals is still years away.

At CES this year, we still saw a lot of that hype, but there was also a lot of evidence to prove that 3D printing is a smart investment. The technology is democratizing every industry, allowing people at home — and at work — to customize and create their own products. And because of new materials, better software, and more developed companies, the technology is starting to become more realistic.

Read more at: Based on what we saw at CES, these are the trends to watch in 3D printing this year.








CES 2015: Five big 3D printing trends to shape the year ahead




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