Cloud outage audit 2014 reveals AWS on top, Azure down

Cloud outages happen — but for major providers such as AWS, it isn’t often. See how Azure, Google, Rackspace and other IaaS vendors fared in 2014.

Cloud outage figures from this year show more mature public clouds are better equipped to avoid outages, but there are some surprises.

Cloud vendors have pumped large sums of cash and strategy into adding resiliency to their platforms. Discounting the low-end public clouds, uptime has been much improved, with one major exception, said David Linthicum, senior vice president of Cloud Technology Partners, a cloud consulting firm based in Boston.
“Even though [public cloud providers] are expanding quickly, they seem to be smarter at operating their business, with the possible exception of Microsoft, which has made some dumb mistakes,” Linthicum said.

Among major public cloud vendors, Amazon EC2 has maintained the best uptime over the past year with a total downtime of 2.43 hours across all regions, according to CloudHarmony, a company based in Laguna Beach, Calif. that conducts independent, third-party monitoring of cloud vendor uptime.

Microsoft Azure, which had a highly publicized cross-region outage on Nov. 18, had the most downtime in compute services among major vendors at nearly 40 hours, according to CloudHarmony.

“Some services have been around for longer and are a bit more stable than others because they’ve been through their rough periods and ironed out the kinks more than the others,” said Jason Read, founder of CloudHarmony.

Read more at: Cloud outage audit 2014 reveals AWS on top, Azure down by Beth Pariseau and Trevor Jones


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