CES 2015: Car companies showcase automotive digitisation

Eight years ago, Ford used the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to showcase in-car innovation.

This year, autonomous automotive technology stole the limelight from the usual fodder of high-resolution home entertainment systems and gadgets.


With the internet generation more interested in connectivity than car ownership and the growing potential for urban gridlock as more people move into cities, the major car makers are starting to re-invent the core values of the automotive industry.

CES 2015 gave visitors a glimpse of how car companies are hoping to digitise the automotive industry, using telematics and in-car communication to create new business models based on the internet of things (IoT).

Companies such as ZipCar have offered pay-per-use car sharing for several years, based on an in-car module that connects to the internet.

Now the major car makers are beginning to develop similar technologies in their new vehicles

They are also looking at autonomous cars and technology such as Aviva’s telematics black box that charges for car insurance based on whether the driver is considered careful, or not.

“Software development along with affordable sensor and hardware technology will be the key enablers to both full autonomy and semi-automation going forward,” said Ford CTO Rajo Nair.

Mercedes built a concept car specifically for CES, while Ford used the show to unveil a number of smartcar initiatives. Both of these illustrate the importance that car companies now put on in-car computers and communications.

Read more at: CES 2015: Car companies showcase automotive digitisation


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