2015 State of the CIO: The Good, the Bad and the Scary

CIO.com’s survey of IT executives reveals some forward movement, disconnects with business leaders and a puzzling take on security. Here are a few highlights, plus a link to download the State of the CIO report.

Each year, CIO.com’s research team surveys hundreds of CIOs to provide you with our State of the CIO report – a barometer of your hopes, dreams and fears (OK, that may be overstating things, but it does provide a benchmark of the business and technology climate). This year (our 14th), 558 top IT leaders responded to an online survey to help us gauge the industry and technology trends as they apply to the CIO role (check out Kim Nash’s insightful feature story on this year’s results).

The results are a combination of encouraging, sobering and thought-provoking.

On the encouraging side, 68 percent of CIOs said that they have mutually shared, measurable goals with other c-level executives. More than three-quarters of CIOs say they expect to collaborate on a business initiative with CFOs, COOs, CMOs and other C-level executives.


Read more  at:  2015 State of the CIO: The Good, the Bad and the Scary By Dan Muse


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