Large fire at Amazon datacentre building site

An Amazon datacentre in the US caught fire last week during construction.

The fire at the datacentre, which is still in the process of being built, was near Washington DC. The building will be an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing datacentre.

According to US reports, no one was hurt in the blaze and firefighters had it under control in 50 minutes. A spokeswoman at the fire department that attended the incident said the fire was confined to the roof and construction materials.

“Several workers who were on the roof when the fire broke out were able to safely self-extricate from the roof without injury,” she said.

Amazon reportedly said: “It was not a production facility and caused no impact or risk of impact to operations.”

While no customers were affected, the fire is a reminder to businesses which put their IT assets in the cloud that accidents and natural disasters do happen and must be prepared for through full backup and disaster recovery.


Read more at: Large fire at Amazon datacentre building site by Karl Flinders (Computerweekly)


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