IoT services will impact the wireless network in 2015

IoT services will become more widespread in 2015 and enterprises will need to ensure their Wi-Fi networks are up for the challenge.

The ability to connect everyday objects and devices to the enterprise network is becoming a requirement for many businesses, and the wireless network will play a large role in determining how successful the rollout of the Internet of Things and associated services will be.

As Internet of Things (IoT) services are pushed out to more people and endpoints — which could be located in remote areas or subject to harsh environmental conditions — enterprises must ensure their wireless LANs are bolstered with specialized networking equipment capable of handling the additional number of clients sending and receiving data. While there are different ways of deploying IoT services — such as working with vendor, service providers or creating homegrown applications — the wireless network will provide the plumbing that the IoT will need to be successful


Read more at: IoT services will impact the wireless network in 2015 by Gina Narcisi


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