Two resolutions every IT leader should make in 2015

It’s a safe bet that change is in the air when marketing gets a bigger IT budget than the IT department, and spends that budget on cloud services without keeping the CIO in the loop.

The same can be said when people come to work asking for the same sleek hardware and intuitive applications they use at home, and when new technology allows fledgling startups to leap, with relative ease, over entry barriers in the most established industries.

Many IT leaders have felt the sting in 2014. Disruption is everywhere and anybody with responsibility in IT needs to stimulate innovation in their organisation ahead of those outside it.

While most IT leaders get that idea at some level, too many are tied up with day-to-day tasks and can find neither the time nor the resources to innovate.

First, free up time to innovate, then innovate.


With a new year upon us, every IT leader should commit to two resolutions for 2015.





Computerweekly-Two resolutions every IT leader should make in 2015 by Cliff Saran


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