7 Proven Practices to Strengthen Release Management

Business needs, market trends, and customer demands are forcing IT teams to deploy applications at a rapid rate. The frequency of deployments can invoke human errors, failed deployments, and outages. This paper will guide you through the 7 best practices to strengthen release management.

This white paper will discuss key tips for improving a release

process and strengthening release management. Once the
following practices are in order, the process can be enabled to
keep up with the pace of Agile, and reduce the risks associated
with rapid deployments.
Key Findings

  • Releases are risky. Often homegrown scripts, manual steps,
    and runbook orchestrations contribute to the risks involved
    with application releases.
  • Having a controlled release process can strengthen release
    management by ensuring quality, reducing manual tasks,
    deploying applications consistently across environments,
    and more

Read more at: IBM-7 Proven Practices to Strengthen Release Management


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