7 tools BlackBerry will use to sell its new BES 12 service

BlackBerry has recently announced the BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) 12, a single console that can manage Android, iOS, BB 10 and the old BB OS as well as Windows.
“The beauty of BES 12 is that one single server with one management console can manage up to 25,000 devices. That is a lot of scalability, especially for corporates and industry segments with a global footprint. You are no longer tied down to putting one server per location. From a security perspective, the BES 12 server does device and application management along with the core security itself. Plus, there is no learning curve involved,” explains BlackBerry India MD Sunil Lalvani.
He says the advantage is that earlier users needed a BES server for BB OS devices and a BES 10 for all other devices. “Now, we have combined the two into one scalable BES 12 server. It also has forward compatibility for cloud. That means an investment protection for the user. Along with this we are also offering a modular approach for different VAS offerings.”

But what are these VAS offerings?

1. Virtual SIM provisioning

2. BBM Protected
3. BBM Meetings
4. Virtual VPN tokens
5. Enterprise Identity Management
6. Secure Smart.
7. BlackBerry Blend

Read more at: 7 tools BlackBerry will use to sell its new BES 12 service


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