Choose the right software testing service

Learn about tips for choosing a testing service and whether it makes sense to test outside the business.

Testing services offer software application providers increased flexibility and testing variety in skill levels and hardware, at a reasonable cost or at least a variable, menu-driven cost. Testing services provide business value, but you need to consider security, confidentiality and control of resources. This article serves as a brief overview of the advantages of testing services and provides tips on security, test management and ensuring business value.

Testing service companies are cropping up all over the world and offer an impressive variety of testing options. Many large software vendors offer specialized testing services. Both independent and vendor-supported testing services appear to be growing rapidly.

Most testing service companies focus on providing manual test execution at the end of the development cycle — in other words, beta testing assistance. However, many offer manual testing services during any phase, including requirements review and test case development. Several also offer automated test development for planning, coding and execution.

Many of these companies have in-house teams of software test professionals, and several are conglomerations of independent contractors working literally anywhere there is an Internet connection. When managed well, a distributed group of independent contractors can be an attractive method of providing a variety of test locations, access points and devices. It may be the only way some development teams can quickly test a large variety of situations using multiple devices on different systems

Read more at: Techtarget-Choose the right software testing service by Amy Reichert


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