Unsecured corporate data access often the downfall of BYOD programs

Access to corporate data is a key for workers doing their jobs. But it can also be the Achilles heel for companies with BYOD programs.

In fact, surveys have shown that many employees access corporate data from mobile devices even when they are directed not to do so. Often they send this data through unsecured email or store it on public clouds.

IT has two options for preventing this from happening, explained enterprise mobility consultant Bryan Barringer in a TechTarget article.

One way to control access is deploying a mobile content management platform that keeps content secure while giving employees timely access to data from their mobile devices. An example of this would be an enterprise-level corporate file-sharing and storage system that enables employees to share, edit and store documents from their phones or tablets.

“If employees feel that they can access corporate data and systems easily from wherever they are, at any time, their satisfaction — and ultimately, customer satisfaction — will be higher than if they had to spend time in the office hunting for information,” argued Barringer.

Another way to control data access is to control devices through mobile device and application management platforms that can deny access to devices and apps deemed insecure by IT, he noted.

Vendors are increasingly offering enterprise mobility management platforms that include mobile device, application and content management under one umbrella.

“Enterprise mobility should pave the way for a more productive and satisfied workforce, but the risks are real and should not be dismissed. With the right technology and governance, approved app underuse and security vulnerabilities can be mitigated,” concluded Barringer.

Source: www.fiercemobileit.com-Unsecured corporate data access often the downfall of BYOD programs


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