8 Security Predictions for 2015

8 Security Predictions for 2015 

  1. Help! Call the IT Doctor. My hospital is under attack – again! Healthcare  will see a substantial increase of data stealing attack campaigns
  2. Your refrigerator is not an IT security threat. Industrial sensors are. Attacks on the Internet of Things will focus on business use cases, not consumer products
  3. Credit card breaches are the least of your worries. Credit card thieves will morph into information dealers
  4. You are Only Who Your Phone Says You Are. Authentication consolidation on the phone will trigger data-specific exploits, but not for stealing data on the phone
  5. Open Source or Open Door? New vulnerabilities will emerge from decades old source code
  6. Email Threats are Evolving. Email threats will take on a new level of sophistication and evasiveness
  7. Google Docs controls the bot. As companies increase access to cloud and social media tools, command and control instructions will increasingly be hosted on legitimate sites
  8. New cyber war players take a seat at the table. There will be the new (or newly revealed) players on the global cyber espionage/cyber war battlefield

Download the whitepaper at: 2015 Security Predictions


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