Massive IT Transformation at AstraZeneca

Dave Smoley, CIO of AstraZeneca, uses a five pillar approach

When Dave Smoley joined AstraZeneca as CIO in 2013, he found – as so many CIOs do when they walk in the door – that IT cost too much and delivered too little. So he developed a mantra: We want to be twice as good for half the cost.

But transforming an IT organization of more than 2100 people serving a pharmaceutical company of more than $26B in revenue takes more than a mantra; it takes a well-thought out, well-executed plan. Smoley chose a five pillar approach, which hinged on a dramatic change to his sourcing model. “We are repositioning IT as a competitive advantage for AstraZeneca,” says Smoley. “These five pillars revolve around shifting the work from outside the company to inside the company. We are focused on delivering life changing medicines, but to do this we also need to be in the business of implementing world-class technology. We need to develop that capability in-house.

Five Pillars of IT Transformation

  1. Focus on the customer
  2. Deliver operational excellence
  3. Lead through technology
  4. Simplify
  5. Collaborate

Read more at: Computerweekly-Massive IT Transformation at AstraZeneca By Martha Heller


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