Top seven most griped about VDI challenges

VDI isn’t easy to stand up and deploy, and a lot of people have complaints about it: It’s too complex, it costs too much, performance stinks and admins are hard to find.

For all of the heavily hyped advantages of VDI, there are still a slew of drawbacks, concerns and challenges to successfully implementing and supporting the technology.
VDI and desktop virtualization aficionados often sing the technology’s praises, but implementing it isn’t a walk in the park. It’s hard to get a deployment off the ground, and some projects never make it out of the pilot or proof-of-concept phases. Even when companies do roll VDI out, it doesn’t always succeed.

Many people can — and do — gripe about VDI challenges. Here are the seven most popular complaints:

  • Complexity
  • Direct — and indirect — costs
  • BYOD challenges
  • Data center density
  • Security
  • Admin challenges
  • Performance

Read more at: TechTarget-Top seven most griped about VDI challenges by Earl Follis


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