10 Ways Requirements Can Sabotage Your Project Right From the Start

It’s Time To Stop Project Failures Right At The Source…

Most Projects Managers and Project Management Offices just aren’t clear on these 10 major causes of project delays, budget overruns and outright failures.
This whitepaper  has the answers…

Our latest easy-to-scan visual white paper shines a spotlight on a major root cause of project failure in every organization—requirements. And while the first reaction might be to place blame on the requirements author, the Business Analyst, this is incorrect…

A glimpse at the REAL root causes revealed inside the paper:

  • The ‘elephant in the room’ when it comes to agile development—guaranteed to cause problems if not addressed
  • Why the benefits of collaboration rarely materialize on every project
  • How the trend toward outsourcing impacts requirements and what this means for PMs and the PMO

If you can’t name the 10 ways that requirements are causing projects to fail, this white paper is a must-read.

Source: blueprintsys-Fill in the form and download your copy of this visual white paper today.


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