The new Enterprise App world

Important Rules that Make or Break the Successful Development and Deployment of Enterprise Applications

From numerous perspectives, the environment for corporate IT is undergoing fundamental changes. Nowhere is that more true than in software applications. Only a decade ago, the momentum, focus, and expert attention revolved around multiyear, multi-million-dollar monolithic systems, like ERP and human resources automation. Today, however, the economics are inversed and the emphasis is on showing business value quickly, building on
what you have, and supporting users’ immediate needs in agile ways. In an era of financial caution and risk management, the time, cost, and risk profile of applications is radically different than just a few years ago.

The appetite for multiyear/multi-million-dollar application
development projects is long gone. Who wants to bring even a $3 million, three-year proposal to their board? The fact is, today, companies want lean, fast, low-risk app development
– with minimal upfront capital investments. Development needs to be fast, agile, and continuous – without lengthy, discrete versioning cycles, and cumbersome upgrades.
Instead of predicting the future, savvy IT strategies are, instead, creating
infrastructures and processes that let them respond quickly when the future

Download the whitepaper at: The new Enterprise App world

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