CIOs spur business agility and growth

The economy in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is starting to recover, which means  investment in IT across the region is also starting to return. This issue of CW Europe  investigates how the boost in IT is changing the role of the CIO, from supporting the business to driving its growth.

In this issue hear from Michel Clement, head of Oracle in the CEE region, discussing how the present state of technology development is providing CIOs in CEE with unique capabilities. Read how CEE enterprises are using a more forward-looking approach to IT tools, with
more CIOs realising they can undergo more business activities with less hardware and software by restructuring their whole ecosystem.
Also find out why the Dutch Cyber Security Council (DCSC) says privacy will be one of its main focuses in 2015 and going forward.
The Netherlands has one of the highest percentage of internet users in the world and 80% of its citizens use online banking. Furthermore, 62% of the nation’s retailers are connected to the internet. This issue reveals why the DCSC is set to focus on cyber security this year and how the organisation plans to tackle the issue. Just how will the Netherlands remain an open and economi‑cally promising digital society – and secure at the same time?
On page 10 read about Easynet’s poll which suggests that cloud computing is
now the IT deployment model of choice for 74% of European enterprises – is it
the model of choice at your company?
According to the report – which surveyed over 600 European IT decision makers – public cloud is the least favourite source of off-premise service and only one in five respondents (17%) ticked the option for a hybrid cloud model.
Hear from Easynet’s unified communications, hosting and cloud services division managing director, Phil Grannum, as he tells CW Europe why he believes the private cloud is most popular with businesses right now – and how this is likely to pave the way for wider
hybrid cloud adoption in the future.

Read more at: CWEurope- CIOs spur business agility and growth


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