CIOs still struggling to manage cloud use

 Although companies apply ITSM processes to in-house IT, cloud services are more likely to be managed by providers

Research has revealed that 85 per cent of CIOs think the cloud is preventing organisations from having control over their IT network.

A study by Fruition Partners revealed that cloud services are much less commonly managed by IT service management (ITSM) processes compared to other in-house IT services, which are, on average, managed by six processes.

Much of this is down to IT maturity, Fruition Partners said, but the gap and could have a negative impact on the way entire organisations are managed. In fact, 80 per cent of CIOs interviewed by the company said they do not apply the same comprehensive ITSM processes to the cloud as they do for other in-house IT services.

“The maturity of cloud services has started to improve, but it is still leagues away from where it needs to be,” said Paul Cash, managing partner of Fruition Partners UK. “There has to be a recognition that the need for rigorous management is greater, not less, in the cloud.”

Furthermore, the research revealed 73 per cent of CIOs are happily handing over both change management and cloud application management controls to cloud providers and vendors, which means the IT department as a whole has less control over their organisation.

He added that CIOs cannot trust that public cloud services will work flawlessly and be delivered perfectly at all times and therefore should be wary about handing responsibility over to providers without ensuring ITSM principles are applied, because if they do not check there are sufficient safeguards in place, they open themselves up to blame if one of the services fails.

“CIOs should still be managing cloud services internally, rather than abdicating responsibility to the provider. Otherwise they risk losing control, and increasing both cost and risk to themselves and the business,” he added.

Shadow IT is also a concern for CIOs, Fruition Partners’ research revealed. 66 per cent of the respondents said there was an increasing culture of shadow IT in their company and 68 per cent of CIOs reported the organisation doesn’t ask for advice before buying public cloud-based services.

“Organisations have the tools at hand to ensure IT services are delivered consistently, comprehensively, and without risk. By failing to apply these tools to the cloud, they are doing themselves a major disservice,” Cash continued.

“The longer business spend without unifying their approach to both cloud and in-house IT, the harder managing IT will become. Dealing with this is relatively easy in the short term; simply ensuring that ITSM processes are unified across in-house and cloud services will reduce a great number of the challenges and risks associated with cloud.”


Source: still struggling to manage cloud use


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