Now Published: IT Standard for Business – a Model for Business driven IT Management

IT Standard for Business (or IT Standard in short) has been developed to support decision makers both in business and IT to have a holistic picture of how IT should be managed in order to provide maximum value for business. Since the business needs should be the main driver in IT management, the emphasis in the IT Standard is on the cooperation between business and IT.

IT Standard for Business differs from many other IT standards and frameworks because it is simple and written in everyday language. This makes it useful for everyone who wants to understand how IT functions should be governed in an organization. The basic framework illustration, called the grid, gives an overview of the five principle elements of IT management which are the following:

  • Enterprise Development turns business development initiatives into operational actions in IT.
  • Strategy and Governance defines how IT operates and creates value for the business.
  • Sourcing and Supplier Management ensures that the company has the services that best fit its business purposes.
  • Project and Development Management is essential for organizations to improve and create new solutions to succeed in competitive environments.
  • Service Management offers business-aligned services that ensure efficient and uninterrupted business operations.

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Expert handbook: Cloud development issues and trends

The developer is in demand now more than ever – and yet, this role is still ambiguous for the IT world.

With deeper insight into cloud computing, platforms, and ecosystems, development processes can be more clearly defined, and the responsibilities of the developer will come into focus.

In this handbook, explore issues and trends in cloud development, and discover why platforms are on the rise and how to choose the right one with help from IT analyst and consultant Denis Pombriant. Also inside, find definitions of terms and explore important issues in cloud development today.

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