The CIO of the future is integrator and cultural enabler: Coleman, Unisys

Information Age sits down with Ed Coleman, CEO of technology veteran Unisys, to find out how IT will stay relevant through the era of the social, software-defined enterprise, as the pieces of the truly software-defined data centre fall into place 

A company that has been a pioneer in the technology industry for over 130 years, Unisys’ antecedents rolled out the first commercial typewriter and adding machine and later the first commercially-available digital computer.

It was the second largest computer company next to IBM in the 1980s, and focuses now on projects as diverse as developing biometric technology for national ID schemes, to providing systems integration for airports.

As Ed Coleman, Unisys CEO explains, the company owes its remarkable longevity to keeping a sharp eye on IT’s next big sea change, and in today’s industry this means a focus on software.

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