The future of Business Collaboration


In early 2013, in conjunction with several industry experts, PGi produced the first The Future of Business Collaboration eBook, covering topics including BYOD (bring your own device), globalization, the mobile workforce and social media, and how these evolving trends were affecting the nature of collaboration in the workforce. Some trends fade into obscurity, some become everyday tools in our work lives and some continue to evolve, tweaked by innovations and paradigm shifts. And because time marches ever forward, dragging trends and technology in its wake, we must be ready to adapt. Now, we are proud to present the 2015 edition of The Future of Business Collaboration, a recognition that the trends and technologies powering business collaboration are always on the move, and that only by continually discussing and analyzing these trends can we arrive at—or rather, create—the future of business collaboration together.

Download it at: The future of Business Collaboration